A bit of background on me and my musical adventure trying to write music that breaks the modern mold!

I am a singer songwriter from Durban South Africa. I write mainly philosophical ballads about life, love and the world around us, but come up with all sorts of different styles and genres.

My ultimate goal is to write memorable songs that can be performed by established artists, but in the meantime I am recording and publishing my own songs myself.

I enjoy doing some Rock and Punk Rock songs too!... so I created a Virtual Band called JUNK STATUS!  This helps keep things tidy because I can now list those songs and albums on separate pages, giving you a CHOICE of what you'd rather listen to! 

Where it all started!

My Bio

Where it all started

I love all kinds kind of music, from full on classical to rock, pop, blues, funk and country. This wide influence can be both good … and very, very bad for a songwriter, because I find myself pulled in so many directions at once that it’s a huge effort to develop and stick to any kind of  consistent style in my own songs…. So I don’t!! 


I simply allow the song’s mood and story-line to set the musical style and let it go from there. This makes for some interesting variation, with each song having it’s own mood.


My Music

From my heart to your heart

Click on the Singles or Albums tab to view and listen to my releases so far. (they're also on www.reverbnation.com/huntly.)

If you click on the Music Tab you can also listen to my earlier releases on Spotify! 

I try hard to write in a way that is not stylistically mainstream, by design. People always enjoy something different and I believe you'll come to love my  thoughtful sincere music amongst the clamour of beat- centred music that seems to pervade the airwaves! 

My songs are each unique in themselves and remain engaging over time. My styles, lyrics and production also seem to be improving as I go along my musical adventure...so there is so much more to come in the months and years ahead!! 

So I hope you enjoy and also join up to see what comes next! 



The Journey

... a fascinating adventure!

It's taken many years to reach this point as a solo artist. I have played in bands and duo's, but recently decided to focus purely on writing and producing. I play guitar and a little keyboards, and sing all the parts in the songs. I write and arrange all the backing music from scratch and record it using midi, which is something I have learnt over many years.

Even with the amazing technology available these days, it has taken quite some time develop the skills required to master the art of recording, mixing mastering and publishing my own songs. 

Hope you enjoy.

Would love to hear what you think.