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Reverbnation Global Top 50 for Pop!!! 

Well thanks to all those who have played my songs on I have managed to get into the Reverbnation Global top 50 for Pop. It's not the Billboard Top 100 but I'm stoked to have got anywhere at all!! Yay!!


Ah well…I wouldn't have it any other way! 

After a long, long disruption am finally getting back to doing what I love doing… 

…. hope to get out a few more songs before the end of the year … 

and try to get them to the next level!!  

Back in action again!  

Well, it's been a REALLY hectic time. Haven't had time to work on any songs for months now while we moved house... there is still quite a bit to do, but I'm ready to get back in action again... Can't wait to finish some new songs! 

So, thanks for sticking around. Hope you've enjoyed the music so far. 

Lots of new songs in the pipeline... but for now have just added an instrumental movie track I finished recently called "Dance the Starlight!" . 

Would love to hear what you think of it. 

See you again soon on…

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WebSite Live! - Come Inside and enjoy some music!  

Finally got down to setting up my WebSite ... easy to find



I just KNOW you'll will want to own a bunch of these songs so ... 

                BUY SINGLES!

                BUY ALBUMS! 

Easy CheckOut and Paymodes!  


Made it to Spotify 

Well made it onto Spotify... all but invisible though!

Getting Started 

Well here we are! 

I believe my Singles and Albums have now reached a standard where they deserve to be heard and collected.I would love to now have listeners engage with and enjoy my music now and download their own personal copies! 

My songs are getting better and better all the time... and there is so much more still to come! So, please join up and follow my journey with me.

Best way to keep in touch with new releases is to join the mailing lists on this site, and also on…

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